Business Mystic Insider Membership

The Business Mystic Insider Membership is the place where you can take advantage of astrological and magickal energies that happen every month.

As an Insider member, every month you get my detailed and easy to use LUNAR/STARS Planning Guide and individual Sun sign readings with mantras (along with exclusive curated resources!). 

Why is this great for you?

Simply put, you'll have MORE EASE in the flow of your day-to-day and you'll feel MORE IN CONTROL of your life. Each month you receive astrology sign specific information and advice that will help guide you and give you a heads up on what the month will bring. 

You'll also have practical, doable advise (and a checklist!) to help you be more organized and less like you're always playing catch up. 

And you'll be able to make BETTER DECISIONS and respond to hiccups without feeling off your game

 The cost is only $18 a month for one year. 

That's getting expert intuitive, business and astrological advice at a very affordable price. 


So, to recap for $18 a month you automatically get the latest and newest LUNAR/STARS planning guide that includes: 

+ A beautiful designed PDF astro-report and guide that's easy to follow

+ A simplified astro-events calendar with all the dates of events

+ New Moon ritual and reading to correctly set your intentions

+ Full Moon ritual and reading to help you take advantage of the most magickal time of the month

+ Overviews and forecasts of all the most important monthly events (like retrogrades and power days) so you can plan ahead

+ Monthly tarot reading to help you navigate the current or upcoming sun sign season 

+ Helpful checklist to keep you organized and on-track with all your astrological and manifesting efforts


You get exclusive access to: 

+ A private, password protected membership space

+ Monthly detailed readings for your individual Sun sign

+ Monthly spirit guided mantras for each individual Sun sign


You ALSO get access to these BONUS resources ONLY available to Insider members:

What Kind of Magick Worker Are You? // Discover what your natural magickal inclination is based on your astrological sign. 

Astrology 101 Course // My intro astrology course that helps you understand how astrology comes together and gives you insight on your own astrological sign.

Moon Manifesting 101 Mini-Course // An easy-to-follow process on how to use and work with the moon to achieve your goals and desires.

Sacred Spaces (Altars + Shrines) 101 Course // An informative and delightful course on how to create your own sacred spaces 

My Favorite Astrology Apps // My personal favorites

My "Must Have" Crystals List // A great list to help you start or add to your own crystals collection


Click link below to sign up while you still can lock in the Founding Member price for a limited time. 



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