Astrology for entrepreneurs

Turn your people-pleasing, perfectionist tendencies into profit $$$


Ever felt stuck in a sales rut, unsure how to connect with your customers? Tap into your personal astrology to unlock long term, consistent income and marketing success. By understanding your own zodiac blueprint, you'll be able to create deeper connections, build rapport, and get more sales.

Golden Not Broken System

Ready To Ditch The Bad Habits of Busywork?

Raise your hand if you can relate to these situations:

You Struggle With Second Guessing or Lack Confidence In Your Decisions

You have great instinct but the problem you have is that you get sucked into following every new tip, hack, or trend that catches your eye or ear.

It's Hard To Commit To One Idea or Complete One Project

You have enthusiasm for what you do but the challenge you have is giving your full support to what you've already created or made a commitment to.

You Give Up At The First Sign of Resistance or Rejection

You have big purpose in this life but your big heart doesn't have the confidence to know what to do next when things get challenging or don't go your way the first time around.

Golden Heels

Recognize these bad habits? Don't feel bad! You're not alone. We've all been there.

In short, its not your fault. As you built your business from the ground up, you ONLY learned how to react to fires (like a cash flow shortage) or over-hyped shiny objects (like trends). 

Here's a truthbomb: There's a limit to how far you can grow your income with these reactive habits (no matter what your zodiac sun sign is). You'll become exhausted, burned out, and disillusioned with your business. And that's no place to be with your level of ambition and purpose. 

Here's the Great News...

There's a simple way to break these bad habits and begin taking control of  your income and time. Ready to discover how? 

The first step is identifying the superpowers within your astrology chart.  

You can easily do this with my FREE "5 Signs of Success Framework" Masterclass. 

By understanding your unique astrological fingerprint, you'll be empowered to reach into your untapped reserves of charisma, confidence, and strategic thinking, ultimately transforming you into a sales force to be reckoned with.

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Inside my free masterclass, you'll discover:

⚡️  The complete 5 Signs of Success Framework special training that includes 30-minutes of game changing information in both video and audio formats for your convenience

⚡️  What my 5 Signs of Success Framework ACTUALLY is so you can experience INSTANT "ah-has"

⚡️   How to EASILY find YOUR 5 Signs of Success within your own natal chart (beginner-friendly, just a few clicks and you're done)

⚡️  How to use this knowledge in your business TODAY (immediately and no delays)

⚡️  And 2 EXTRA BONUSES to help you get the most out of this training

>> Watch the Masterclass Now

Hello there, I'm Aliza Rose - The Business Mystic.

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I help women understand how their perfectionist and people-pleasing tendencies gives them an advantage in creating a profitable business, but without sacrificing their individuality, spirituality, or boundaries. 

I earned my online business chops by working behind the scenes on 6-figure launches, collaborating with other high-level businesses on mutual client projects and running my own business as professional intuitive for over 20 years.

All of these experiences have culminated into solid business acumen. I help women blend their personalities with their business practices by:

✦ Helping them tap into their personal astrology

✦ Ditching the cult of busywork and the mindset of struggle = success

✦ Instilling confidence into their decisions and asking for what they want

I believe that you don't have to choose between having a wildly successful business and an amazing life. You can have both. Hundreds of successful women have trusted me with their businesses and their dreams.

I've worked with:

  • A best-selling author &  Emmy® Honored entrepreneur
  • An investor and producer who is a member of Oprah Winfrey's Super Soul 100 List
  • A product creator whose product sells out every year and brings in $250K per launch
  • A serial entrepreneur whose multiple businesses brings in over 7-figures in revenue each year
  • Hundreds of authors, coaches, educators, service providers, professional creatives, and more!

My goal is to change the world by helping women change how they view their ambitions and their personalities. 

If you're SO OVER jumping through hoops just to maintain the "hustle" and you're READY to be profitable and live life on your terms -- Let me show you how. 


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