October Season Tarot Reading

October Season Reading

Here’s this season’s Tarot reading.

Use this tarot insight to help you get a sense of what will unfold this season.

The Present Situation: Fool

The first card that comes up in the reading is the Fool. That means you are feeling the urge to try something new with your business that you have never tried before. Or, you may be having the urge to jump into another career, or area of your career that you have not delved into before. Either way, the urge to attempt to go after something unfamiliar and new is high.

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What’s Coming Up Ahead: Two of Swords

Two of Swords accompanies the Fool. Even though it is exciting to try something new, you have to make some type of sacrifice as you cannot just jump into something you have never done before. That means you will need to choose between making time to take some courses while you are having to still work to bring in income, or to tame your urge to try something new and keep plotting along with what you have been doing. You have a difficult decision to make and it cannot wait.

The Cosmic Advice: Lovers

In a position of advice, Lovers comes up. That confirms right there that you must make that difficult decision regarding your career. You cannot wait on not making any type of decision indefinitely. Do you want to take the plunge and take some courses and cut back your hours as a result? Or do you want to let go of that urge and to keep doing what you are doing? Or maybe find something in between where you create a side hustle? Either way, you must make the decision soon and commit to it.

The Outcome: Seven of Pentacles

In the final position, Seven of Pentacles reminds you that no matter what you attempt to do, you have to be patient for your work to pay off. If you are unhappy with your career because the pay is not high, then you can aim to gain a promotion which will take time. If you decide to take a new course to go into a different type of career, don’t expect to rise up at the top right away. The work you put into it will result in that in due time.

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Present: Fool

Up Ahead: Two of Swords

Advice: Lovers

Outcome: Seven of Pentacles

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