Virgo Season Tarot Reading


Virgo Season Reading

Here’s this season’s Tarot reading.

Use this tarot insight to help you get a sense of what will unfold this season.

The Present Situation: Nine of Swords

The first card that comes up in the reading is the Nine of Swords which is the suggestion that there will be a lot of re-entry anxiety as things are pretty much back to a new normal. Life is busy, kids are back at school, and you are back at your office if you have been working at home during the pandemic. That is a lot to take in and you are not used to the busy life that you experienced before the pandemic hit. You may be tossing and turning at night because the anxiety is keeping you up.

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What’s Coming Up Ahead: Hermit

Hermit accompanies the Nine of Swords, and why would you want to be a hermit after socially distancing for so long? It is not literal. This means because you have a lot of anxieties by not being used to the busy life at work that affects other aspects of your personal life, you will need to take some time to sit back and to digest it. That also means you are encouraged to talk to therapists or intuitive counselors to help you get through it. In other words, you do not want to allow the anxiety to get to the best of you as it will damage your productivity and other areas of your life.

The Cosmic Advice: Queen of Cups

In a position of advice, Queen of Cups comes up and she is the one who is nurturing and a good listener. That means to not bottle up anything that is bothering you, and talk to your friends and family, and even internet strangers in support groups. You will want to listen to others as well and hear them. The shocking life will be easier to digest once you can get the support you need and provide the support that others need because they are dealing with the same thing.

The Outcome: Star

In the final position, Star comes up to remind you that this anxious period will not last forever, and life will not be so chaotic indefinitely. This is an adjustment for everyone and things will improve and you will be able to appreciate the new normal - that you have been wanting for so long. In other words, have faith that life will get better.

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Present: Nine of Swords

Up Ahead: Hermit

Advice: Queen of Cups

Outcome: Star

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