Leo Season Tarot Reading

Leo Season Reading

Here’s this season’s Tarot reading.

Use this tarot insight to help you get a sense of what will unfold this season.

The Present Situation: Ace of Cups

The first card that comes up in the reading is the Ace of Cups which indicates you will develop new feelings and fall in love with new things - and people. You may meet other business partners or potential new clients that you will develop a good rapport with as well this time. Now that you can meet in person more or less, you will be able to come into contact with those who you could not over the course of the pandemic. There will be plenty of new feelings emerging.

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What’s Coming Up Ahead: Eight of Wands

Eight of Wands accompanies the Ace of Cups which signifies that those who you meet who you develop a liking for will turn into a relationship of some sort quickly. That can include new friendships becoming strong fast, new potential clients who you have a good feeling about ordering from you for the first time - or someone who you're through your network will find you a new job fast. Maybe it will even be a new love interest turning into something more! Whenever this card is present, things are never slow to happen.

The Cosmic Advice: Temperance

In a position of advice, Temperance shows up. Even though things are happening quickly, you do not want to get carried away either. There is a reminder that even if things move ahead fast, there is the potential of burnout. You definitely want to move forward with things, but you will also want to be mindful about not rushing too much either. Rushing any type of relationship can end up not working in the end.

The Outcome: Four of Swords

In the final position, Four of Swords comes up to remind you in the midst of the business that you are experiencing - you must find time to rest. It is almost the fall and that means things are going to be in full swing again - and you want to be prepared for what life will offer you. Post-pandemic life is something that you have been waiting for, for nearly 18 months but now that it is virtually here, you need to rest up for it.

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Present: Ace of Cups

Up Ahead: Eight of Wands

Advice: Temperance

Outcome: Four of Swords

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