Cancer Season Tarot Reading

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Cancer Season Reading

Here’s this season’s Tarot reading.

Use this tarot insight to help you get a sense of what will unfold this season.

The Present Situation: Ace of Wands

The first card that comes up in the reading is the Ace of Wands which means after the long pandemic beginning to end; you are ready to roll and start new things. You have a renewed enthusiasm, so that means you are prepared to pick up where you left off before the pandemic unexpectedly hit. Perhaps that means planning some trips to take for business and pleasure, and planning dates with your friends and going to parties. You will plan in person happy hour dates with your colleagues or clients. You are ready and excited to start it up again. However, there is a caveat.

What’s Coming Up Ahead: Eight of Cups

Eight of Cups accompanies the Ace of Wands. That means as excited as you are to start new things again with your friends, you are disappointed and sad about those who you lost during the pandemic. It does not necessarily mean those who you knew succumbed to it. You saw the true colors of those who you thought were your friends for one reason or another. However, you had to cut ties and it makes you sad - but you have to move forward by walking away from them. That is the only way to move on.

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The Cosmic Advice: Five of Cups

In a position of advice, Five of Cups comes up. That means even though you are seeing things coming back to ‘normal’, finally, you will be disappointed as well. You will be disappointed in the fact that you cannot celebrate anything with those friends who you lost which was represented by the Eight of Cups. You will be disappointed that you had lost so much time and so much of yourself. The best thing to do is to feel how you feel, accept the disappointment. Then be glad that life is returning.

The Outcome: Three of Cups

In the final position, Three of Cups reminds you that in the face of mourning and disappointment, you have a big reason to celebrate with the friends who remained by your side during the entire time. You will finally begin to enjoy dinners out with your friends and colleagues again, and other celebrations, and make the most of it!

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Cancer Season READING

Present: Ace of Wands

Up Ahead: Eight of Cups

Advice: Five of Cups

Outcome: Three of Cups

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