Aries Season Tarot Reading

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Aries Season Reading

Aries season brings us new beginnings and fresh starts. Here’s this season’s Tarot reading.

Use this tarot insight to help you get a sense of what will unfold this season.

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The Present Situation: Ace of Pentacles

The first card that comes up in the reading is the Ace of Pentacles. Spring is finally here, so you can start materializing some of your plans.

The Ace of Pentacles brings you blessings of abundance and manifesting your prosperity. This is the perfect time for you refresh old offers or introduce new ones. Don’t be shy about exploring or promoting new services / products. Aries season is the perfect time to increase your income streams.

The universe is totally giving you the green light to go for it!

>>> Take advantage of the Aries “new beginnings” energy by creating your vision board.

What’s Coming Up Ahead: Six of Cups

The Six of Cups accompanies the Ace of Pentacles, and it suggests that the gift you want to give yourself for working hard and making money may align with a dream you had during childhood.

What type of dream is that? Maybe you want to buy something for your inner child this month. Everyone has slogging through the pandemic, so you deserve some cheering up and indulging your inner child is the way to go. 

The Cosmic Advice: Sun

In a position of advice, the Sun comes up. This card reminds you of the blessings and the silver linings in your life. It has been a difficult year and the stress you have been dealing with has been off the charts!

The Sun card is giving you a gentle but loving reminder that positive things are still in your life and are still coming into it.  

The Outcome: Eight of Wands

In the final position, the Eight of Wands reminds you that things can always move very quickly when you least expect it. Progress is always happening whether you’re aware of it or not.

For instance, you may find yourself quickly getting a promotion or making a lot of money because of one significant client order.

So be prepared and get ready to take action!

>>> Create your own rituals to power up your soul and your goals!

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Present: Ace of Pentacles

Up Ahead: Six of Cups

Advice: Sun

Outcome: Eight of Wands

Next steps:

  1. Remember to count your blessings and set your intentions during Aries season. Create a ritual around the Spring Equinox for your new beginnings.

  2. If you need help bringing a little more sunshine into your life, consider establishing your own personal rituals. Check out “Your Rituals Journal” for help on creating your own rituals. Click HERE to purchase.

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