Your Perfect Daily Ritual



Part of being a modern mystic is developing daily rituals that help strengthen your intuition, magic, and connection to your personal power.

Rituals are a series of actions that you do a specific way or precise manner. They can make the most mundane tasks become sacred.

Style is the way you do something.

So, here's a list of daily ritual styles specific for YOUR ZODIAC (Sun/Star) sign.




♢ ARIES - Do a simple 3 card pull for daily overall guidance and divine messages.



♢ TAURUS - Enjoy your morning coffee (or tea) outside with slow deep breaths to allow the air and stillness to energize you.



♢ GEMINI - Do a 5-minute meditation focusing your intention for the day. Or you can take this time to pray and honor your deities, ancestors, or energies.



CANCER - Incorporate the color that reflects your mood for the day so it will ground you and keep your emotions clear. Change the color to change your mood.


♢ LEO - Do the Sun salutation yoga pose or gentle stretches that opens up your energy and warms up your body.


♢ VIRGO - Keep your favorite stone or crystals near your computer or planner and touch them throughout the day to keep yourself grounded.


♢ LIBRA - Scroll through Instagram and read your favorite daily horoscope or tarot / oracle reading. Take a screenshot so you can reference it throughout the day.


♢ SCORPIO - Look up what phase and astrology sign the moon is in for that day. Review the meanings and interpretations to make your plans accordingly.


♢ SAGITTARIUS - Keep a daily journal of your feelings and mood. Not into journaling? Try sketching out your ideas daily in a special notebook. Use purple ink for extra magic.


♢ CAPRICORN - Wear a piece of talismanic jewelry to keep you energized all day. The jewelry can be understated earrings, a bracelet, or even your Apple watch.


♢ AQUARIUS - Since you always live on the edge (or maybe in another world) gently massage the soles of your feet and your toes while thinking about what you manifest for the day (new followers, a free lunch, sunshine, etc).


♢ PISCES - Practice scent magic (perfume or essential oils) to keep you in your body and to invoke whatever energies you need to power you through the day.


Next steps:

  1. Use my suggestions as a starting point when creating your own daily rituals.

  2. Try not to stress about getting something right or if it’s good or special enough to be a ritual. In my experience ANYTHING can become a ritual.

  3. Research other ways you can make mundane tasks become sacred to you (like your evening skincare routine, taking vitamins or your brainstorming sessions).

  4. If you're a baby mystic (just starting out, beginner) this list is a great starting point for you to develop your daily ritual.

  5. If you're a more advanced or seasoned mystic, then take this list as an opportunity to deepen or refresh your current spiritual practice. ✨


let me know in the comments below:

What’s your favorite daily ritual that you do?

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