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The Biz Craft VIP Program is the place where you can hone your business craft and discover your secret powers. 

I understand how hard it can be juggle being strategic, smart and yet spiritual at the SAME TIME in business. And that's why I created this space. 

Biz Craft is the place where you'll get BOTH hard-hitting, solid business strategies alongside secret mystical knowledge to help you succeed in making your dreams and goals manifest. 

This is not a fluffy membership where you get a bunch of PDFs that you don't use.


Biz Craft is YOUR SECRET ARSENAL of tools, tricks and techniques to help you realize your ambitions. 

You'll discover and learn more here than you will anywhere else.  

Why is this great for you?

Simply put, you'll have MORE EASE in the flow of your day-to-day and you'll feel MORE IN CONTROL of your life.

When you sign up you get smart access to:

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The detailed and insightful AstroBiz Report.

The report includes:

  • a monthly astrology report
  • a monthly tarot reading
  • an "at-a-glance" calendar
  • monthly business horoscopes for each sign

This powerful report alone will a heads up on what the month will bring. 


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Each month we'll meet in our private Facebook group to discuss game-changing topics and techniques to help you manage your time, energy, and business in a manner that works with you. 

You'll have ample opportunities to get your personal questions answered by me directly when you attend live. 

Recordings of our masterclass will be made available to you for future reference along with our library of previously recorded masterclasses. 

Current Masterclasses include: 

Planner Peace - How to plan perfectly based on your Zodiac Sun sign

Break The Feast or Famine Cycle - How to get off the merry-go-round feast or famine in your business

Creating Biz Goals That Actually Work - How to create solid business goals that make sense based on your Zodiac Sun sign

And so much more!

The masterclasses alone will help you make BETTER DECISIONS and respond to life hiccups without feeling off your game

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My secret vault of tools that really do SAVE you time, money, and energy! 

You'll get smart access to my curated lists of tools, software, and services that don't suck or cost you a ridiculous amounts of money. 

You also get a treasure trove of guides, templates and scripts that are NOT available anywhere else. 

Current resources include: 

My non-crappy website copy-writing templates (get your entire website copy done instantly!)

My short and snappy "fill-in-the-blank" social media posts that you can use now!

My curated lists of non-sucky stock photo websites and branding resources!

My "easy to follow" guide to using the moon phases for manifesting easily!

And much, much more!


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 Get access to my two mystery schools! 

The AstroBiz Academy is where you'll tap into your star potential through discovering the secrets of your Zodiac sun sign. Detailed profiles and astro-knowledge revealed about what makes you special and powerful all through the lens of your personal astrology. 

The Business Mystic School is where you'll learn how to hone in and refine your marketing, branding, and money-making skills. Instead of going to fifty million website or buying a ton of courses, you can access these resources in one place. 

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What else do you need know?

I offer three awesome and generous payment options: 



Pay only $25 a month when you sign up for a year! Best deal for those who want the best. 

Sign up bonus: As a sign up bonus you will receive one-card reading regarding a question of your choice. 

If you're letting the universe know you're all about abundance and big moves, this option is MADE for you. 

Sign up now to begin your journey and access all this INSTANTLY



Month-to-month for $32.00 a month. Cancel anytime. 

If you want to explore what strategy + astrology can do for your business.

This option is RIGHT for you. 



If you'e ready to roll and prefer a one-time payment of $300.00 a year (you get 2 months free) - perfect for those who want to save some moolah and manage their energy. 

Sign up bonus: Empress level members will receive a brand audit ($599 value) as a bonus gift. 

If you want it all and want to save, this option is BEST for you. 

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