The Ultimate Business Reading


A personalized and detailed business reading that includes a yearly overview, 13 month forecast, and a *bonus* 3 questions tarot reading. This service is perfect for business ladies who love details, planning ahead and monthly breakdowns of how the universe will look like for the next 13 months. 



Don't just plan your future, predict it!

I'm now offering the ULTIMATE business reading for those who LOVE to plan ahead. Whether you live your life by the lunar calendar, schedule launches according to spreadsheets, or need mystical monthly guidance on how your universe will unfold over the next thirteen (13) months, this service will help you get the most out of your planners and of your life.

The benefits of having a the Ultimate Business Reading are plentiful:

  • It's personalized to you! Your business reading is based on your BIRTHDAY (day you were born) so the information you receive is tuned to your vibe and life. Not generic crap rehashed to hit the lowest common denominator for anyone who shares your Sun sign (the sign you look up based on the day you were born).

  • It saves you time. Instead of arbitrarily planning out next launches or offers, you'll have specific months revealed to you that give you the best times TO launch or do specific tasks in your business (like send pitches or raising your rates).

  • It gives you an edge. My business readings are designed and written with the business owner lifestyle in mind. I do astrological and tarot breakdowns on how to approach your goals, what to focus on, your personal branding vibes, communications style (like marketing), and other areas that matter to a busy entrepreneur. No one else does this but me.

  • It helps you strengthen your spiritual and business practices. Having knowledge of upcoming monthly obstacles and opportunities will help you take advantage of the best times to launch your offers, start marketing campaigns, use resources (like spending money for FB ads) and when to just rest.

  • And so much more...

I'm clearly very passionate about this service. Every single business owner who has received this service from me, has said the same thing - they feel more confident, balanced, and in harmony with their emotions and energy.

And so will you!

My ULTIMATE business readings will help amplify your efforts towards reaching your goals. They're part strategy guide and part business forecast. All of this makes it a valuable tool for you to succeed in your day to day business activities. 

The Power of Three

Because I believe so strongly that this service will help you, I even offer a BONUS 3 (three) questions tarot reading (a $100.00 value) on me. That means you get to ask any 3 questions you'd like insight on regarding any part of your business. 

Once you purchase your order and complete my questionnaire, I'll begin working on your 13 month business reading and your 3 questions. Your reading will be delivered to you in the form of audio format (.mp3) that you can listen to and download from a secure Dropbox folder. 

So, when you purchase this service you will receive: 

  • A yearly overview reading that gives you a snapshot picture of what the next 13 months will be like.

  • A detailed 13-month business reading that breaks down month by month the opportunities and challenges coming up for you.

  • A complimentary copy Your Signs of Success Snapshot sheet (delivered as a PDF). Your snapshot is personalized birth chart guide sheet where I give you business profile snapshots of your Sun, Moon, Rising / Ascendant, Midheaven, and 12th House signs. Use this as a REMINDER of your greatness, hidden talents, and potential.

  • A printer friendly handy reference PDF guide for your next 13-months that includes your theme of the year snapshot, the individual month’s tarot card pulled, keywords of focus, and reminders of your best months for money, power, and manifesting.

  • A GUARANTEED reading delivery date. You get to choose when you want to receive your reading.

  • A *BONUS* 3 Question business reading where you get ask any immediate or burning questions about your business.

  • A one week email follow up so we can touch base and do a recap of the new insights and ideas you gained from your reading.

  • All readings will be in a audio format (.mp3) so you can listen to them at your convenience.

  • Every client who purchases the ULTIMATE Business Reading from me will have a business blessings tea candle burned on my personal altar for extra ju-ju. This is just another way I can support you and your endeavors! 

  • And a 100% clarification guarantee - if something doesn't make sense to you feel free to email me with your clarifying questions. You have a two week (14 days) grace period to ask ANY clarifying questions you may have. I want you to be able to use this reading as a useful and valuable resource for your business.

*PLEASE NOTE* Due to the nature of how personal, high touch and detailed your readings are I do not accept any cancellations once your order has been placed.